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In any case, it wasn't long before my best friend and I became the first and second altar boys.
Fr Christopher Clonan (right) and former altar boy Simon Grey (below) who received pounds 330,000 in compensation.
He added: ``My father was an altar boy and so were all five of my brothers at the church here in Gloucester.
Interpol and Australian federal police have been drafted into the worldwide search for Christopher Clonan, who vanished following allegations he had abused altar boys.
Being an altar boy gave me a chance to do things that we were not allowed to do at home.
htm) Coptic pope after a piece of paper bearing his name was selected by a blindfolded altar boy at St Mark's Cathedral, Abbasiya, Cairo.
All three victims, Fr McCafferty, former altar boy James Doherty and another former altar boy who cannot be identified, testified to being subjected to numerous bouts of sickening abuse by the priest whom they described as "domineering and controlling".
DEVOTED mum Angela Mulhall went into labour at Christmas Eve mass, but refused to leave the church - because it was her son's first time as an altar boy.
In May a former altar boy who said Father Edward Paquette molested him three decades ago won an $8.
A FORMER altar boy is suing the Archbishop of Birmingham for more than pounds 100,000 for sexual abuse by a Coventry priest.
Offside producer Catriona Harvey bullied me into participating in their own version of Okeeper keepie- upO that made porn star John Holmes look like an altar boy.
Paquin, 61, who was sentenced to 12 to 15 years in prison in 2002 for raping an altar boy, also was defrocked.