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Similar to other Lumia devices, the Lumia 730 and 830 come with alterable back shells with vivid colours.
Similar to other handsets from Motorola, the Moto G also features alterable back shells with the help of Moto Maker site.
As the industry's first commercially available non-volatile, electrically alterable embedded memory solution that can be produced using a standard logic process with no additional masks, process steps, or process modifications, NOVeA is designed to be readily integrated into today's most advanced System-on-Chip (SoC) designs manufactured on leading-edge deep submicron processes.
The same plastic build material is maintained with the same alterable rear shell option.
Moreover, Xiaomi Redmi's matte-effect laden back panel is alterable.
Signed two new Non-Volatile Electrically Alterable (NOVeA(R)) agreements bringing the total number of NOVeA agreements signed to date to 19
Qualified its Non-Volatile Electrically Alterable (NOVeA(R)) embedded memories for production on UMC's 0.
As the first non-volatile, electrically alterable embedded memory solution that can be manufactured using standard CMOS logic processes, NOVeA combines non-volatile storage capabilities, fast-data access and high reliability with SRAM-like read/write operations.
As far as the exterior goes, the base model will reportedly come with narrow bezels and an alterable rear panel.
The Non-Volatile Electrically Alterable (NOVeA)(TM) memory enables cost effective embedding of re-programmable, non-volatile memory in a standard logic CMOS process.
In addition, the device's rear panel is alterable with a choice of bamboo, kevlar and denim.
Other key aspects of Vignette V7 highlighted by Frost & Sullivan include a powerful content workflow engine with reusable and alterable components, portal management capabilities and fully integrated content analysis.