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Thus the attention of many was attracted by this altercation.
They had a rapid altercation, in which they fastened upon each other various strange epithets.
During this brief altercation Athos, with his hands on his heart, his head bent low, approached the queen and in a voice of deepest sorrow said:
As soon as I came to myself, I perceived the three islanders standing a little distance off, and apparently engaged in some violent altercation respecting me.
The deed thoroughly answered: a source of domestic altercation was entirely done away, and it was the means of opening Susan's heart to her, and giving her something more to love and be interested in.
The General was furious with me for having started the altercation with the Frenchman.
A violent altercation ensued, in the course of which Thorn threatened to put the partners in irons should they prove refractory; upon which M'Dougal seized a pistol and swore to be the death of the captain should he ever offer such an indignity.
The tea which had been ordered was brought up at the end of ten minutes; but the maid, as she approached the door, was surprised to hear the voices of her master and mistress in furious altercation.
He paid no attention to the altercation which was in progress between the waiter and the man at the other end of the dingy room.
Snagsby, hearing the altercation, have appeared upon the stairs.
When the altercation in the balcony had subsided Matai Shang turned again to me.
Raffles had crept in unheard while our altercation was at its height, had watched his opportunity, and stolen on his man unobserved by either of us.