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Alveolar infiltrates was the most common feature, accounting for 9 (41%) of 22 anomalies observed in the lung by chest radiograph, followed by interstitial pattern (27%) and pleural suffusion (18%).
4,10,21,22] Thirty-three percent (6/18) of patients in this series had normal radiographs, a frequency almost as great as the frequency of a reticulonodular or alveolar infiltrate (44%, 8/18), described as the classic finding in generalized TB.
The classic chest radiograph reveals bilateral, diffuse alveolar infiltrates consistent with alveolar flooding.
Chest radiographs obtained at admission revealed bilateral alveolar infiltrates.
PcP was suspected in patients with clinically advanced HIV presenting with hypoxic respiratory failure with typical chest radiograph changes, including bilateral diffuse alveolar infiltrates, granular opacities or, occasionally, unilateral or focal infiltrates.
Chest X-ray showed extensive bilateral alveolar infiltrates (Fig.
Lung injury includes acute bronchitis(10,13), alveolar infiltrates, cavitating lesions generally less than 2 cm in diameter (30%) and pleural effusions (25%)(14).
Chest x-ray showed bilateral, lower zone alveolar infiltrates (Fig.