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Arousal from sleep restores alveolar ventilation to a variable degree, while resumption of sleep reduces ventilation in a cyclical fashion.
2] uptake), VA = alveolar ventilation ([L/min] body temperature, ambient pressure, saturated), [?
Increases in alveolar volume would be expected to enhance diffusional deposition, the primary mechanism of deposition for UFPs, although impaired alveolar ventilation would counter this increase.
Therefore, the transition from one of these states to another involves a shift in the neural and neuromuscular mechanisms that maintain alveolar ventilation.
Arterial blood gas determinations of PCO, provide the most accurate determinations of the adequacy of alveolar ventilation.
The pulmonary circulation will try to compensate for reduced alveolar ventilation by diverting blood from unventilated regions of the lung, a response referred to as hypoxic vasoconstriction.
Decreased alveolar ventilation may be due to a reduction in minute ventilation or increased dead space ventilation.
Using on-line, breath-by-breath analysis of lung function, the ventilator is driven by a programmed computer to provide optimal alveolar ventilation, according to the patient's changing requirements (Fig.
Hypoventilation occurs when the level of alveolar ventilation is insufficient to meet metabolic needs.