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Local media reported, quoting income tax officials, that the raids at his premises had so far pointed to Pillai having amassed Rs4 billion (Dh228 million) worth of wealth, most of it under the business entity named Sreevalsam group.
Even as AT&T has amassed subscribers to its service, DirecTV Now has been plagued with problems.
The court reiterated that while the prosecution's documents established that the Farm Input and Farm Implement Program fund was distributed despite irregularities, it could not show that ill-gotten wealth was amassed.
According to the vigilance and Lokayukta investigations, the ministers amassed wealth by siphoning off public money and also by receiving gratification in one or the other form.
Karim scored a vibrant 51 as Cardiff Asians amassed a total of 153-7 against the Cardiff Tigers, Pavel Amran taking 4-33 for the Tigers.
He spent more than 30 years on Radio 1 and amassed more than 25,000 vinyl albums.
Security researchers amassed evidence on their own and confronted McColo's internet providers in order to have the web-hosting service closed.
They had plundered 181 off the Somerset attack in Thursday's tied game at Taunton and this time amassed 160 in only 18 overs.
One in five people have amassed Airmiles worth around pounds 35 that they have not used and a third of people are sitting on benefits averaging pounds 32 from other loyalty schemes.
Around 18% of adults have amassed more than pounds 10,000 in unsecured debt, such as on credit cards, store cards and loans, according to debt consultancy Thomas Charles.
He amassed a $5 billion real estate portfolio that included hotels, offices, lofts and residential developments.
Brush was a local ripper who had amassed sponsors with Real, Spitfire, and Thunder.