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The anti-corruption officials, in the last few months, have carried out raids at the residence of various officials, who have been accused of amassing illegal wealth.
Michael Constructions ended up amassing some e1/410.
A South Korean pop singer's latest music video Gangnam Style has become a viral hit after amassing 20 million views on Youtube.
I have been wrongly accused of illegally amassing money which actually my son and daughter-in-law earned.
A POSTMAN spent 70 years amassing one of the world's biggest stamp collections to fund his retirement but died before selling them.
The 5-foot-7, 170-pound Halley rewrote the Shepherd Hill record books, amassing 1,951 yards on 193 carries and scoring 25 touchdowns.
Moorpark (2-1), which lost the playoff meeting, began with consecutive 66-yard scoring drives, Scott amassing all 132 yards, 123 of them on the ground, and scoring on runs of 1 and 2 yards.
He said: "It's okay amassing a great number of caps, maybe getting to a century, but people forget about caps.
Now Kersian sorcerers are seizing human-ruled kingdoms one by one, amassing a human army to exterminate their foes once and for all.