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In HSW036, International Paper's (NYSE: IP) Bid for Champion Declared 'Superior', moved earlier today, editors are advised that the quote in the third graph was ambiguously attributed.
It is said to shimmer ambiguously between blue and green - like the Firth of Clyde
His primary voice, that of conflict, never ends in resolution, and River of Light concludes ambiguously with the three couples wandering in a bright circle of stage light.
Bejczy compares the different ways in which medieval civilization and Renaissance civilization satisfied this need, as exemplified by two works that, as Bejczy ambiguously implies, may or may not be representative of their respective cultures.
Justin/Hindley is so light-skinned a mulatto that he may mingle with the French plantocracy, but Cathy/Catherine, of darker complexion, is ambiguously positioned between the black and white worlds: "elle etait de la couleur du sirop qu'on vient de sortir du feu et qu'on refroidit au plein air.
Many of the individual cases Taylor describes -- including some of the Grimms' stories from Hesse -- support his theses only very ambiguously and by virtue of considerable interpretation.
The stories explore Harry's development from a kid unable to put together the clues that add up to his mother's infidelity ("Reno, Reno, Reno, Reno"), to a boy hurling vicious pitches at a mother who refuses to give in to his assault ("Under the Light" - the best story in the collection), to a youth making his first crude attempts at seduction in a treehouse ("The Naming"), to being ambiguously "seduced" by an older woman ("Smoke"), to his own replication of his mother's infidelity and his betrayal of his own spouse ("The Beast, Watered" and "I Am Not So Old").
He is the voice of 'Gary, The Commissioner,' and various other characters on the animated Saturday Night Live series "The Ambiguously Gay Duo.
of Cape Town, South Africa), Cape Town, South Africa is "an ambiguously African City" that still struggles with overcoming the legacy of 300 years of colonialism, slavery, segregation, and apartheid social engineering.
The artists have ambiguously characterized Bata-ville as "a search for the Bata spirit," referring either to the bosses' vision or something more nebulous.
In presenting its hero ambiguously, Urbania is clearly a response to a lot of recent queer moviemaking.
Still, it's a serviceable episode, albeit predictable vis a vis the circumstances surrounding their clinch, which, as with everything ``X''-related, lingers ambiguously.