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Vagal bradycardia produced by microinjections of morphine-like drugs into the nucleus ambiguus in anaesthetized dogs.
Congenital laryngeal-abductor paralysis due to nucleus ambiguus dysgenesis in three brothers.
Fossils of the three species - called Palaeothentes serratus, Palaeothentes relictus and Chimeralestes ambiguus - are about 13 million years old, making them among the youngest known fossils from their family.
2] These symptoms are probably due to dysfunction of infected brainstem neurons that normally inhibit inspiratory neurons near the Nucleus Ambiguus.
Penstemon ambiguus (Sand Penstemon, Cows Tobacco): The Dine (Navajo) used it to increase recovery rate of open flesh wounds by inhibiting inflammation.
Isomitraphylline, Antiviral Isorhynchor-phylline, Uncarine F, Speciophylline, Formaosine Achillea MMP-2, MMP-9 Inhibition, Leucodin, Matricarin, millefolium, Anti-inflammatory, Wound Achillin, Polysacharide Tanacetum vulgare healing, Fibroblasts proliferation Anemopsis Antimicrobial Chaetocuprum, californica Cochliodone-A, Equisetin Penstemon Anti-inflammatory, Catalpol, Verbascoside, ambiguus Antimicrobial Specioside Saururuscernuus Anti-inflammatory Neolignans Native Plant Tribal Source Malpighia Nicobarese tribe glabra (Andaman Isle) Alstonia macrophylla Sida cordifolia, Maroon, community (Brazil), The Sida indica Americas, Asia, Africa Rubus spp.
To build or not to build: circulating dry air organizes collective building for climate control in the leaf-cutting ant Acromyrmex ambiguus.
Controle de Acromyrmex heyeri Forel, 1998 e Acromyrmex ambiguus Emery, 1887 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) com fluramim na localidade de Pelotas, RS.
2010) Phanerochaetaceae Byssomerulius albostramineus (Torrend) Hjortstam [equivalente a] Meruliopsis albostramineus (Torrend) Julich & Stalpers Nuevo Leon (Marmolejo y Mendez-Cortes, 2007) Byssomerulius ambiguus (Berk.
obs] = 21) Attini Acromvrmex ambiguus (Emery, 1888) 62 32 5 Acromvrmex balzani (Emery, 1890) 96 27 40 Acromvrmex heyeri Forel, 1899 37 11 15 Acromvrmex striata s (Roger, 1863) 4 9 1 Atta sexdenspiriventris Santschi, 1919 59 43 93 Mycocepurus goeldii Forel, 1893 28 39 22 Blepharidattini Wasmannia auropunctata Roger, 1863 129 84 48 Crematogastrini Crematogaster sp.
The baroreflex arc is composed of multiple neural components including the aortic and carotid baroreceptors, the nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS), paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus (PVN), nucleus ambiguus (NA), caudal ventrolateral medulla (CVLM), and rostral ventrolateral medulla (RVLM) [16-19].
These structures include the orbitofrontal, ventromedial prefrontal, anterior cingulate, and insular cortices, basal ganglia, central nucleus of the amygdala, nucleus of the solitary tract, nucleus ambiguus, and periaqueductal gray matter, among others.