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It is indeed true that ego-driven spiritual ambitiousness can wind up in very bad places.
An undeniable triumph of human ingenuity, the sheer scale and ambitiousness of its construction, combined with ineffective central planning, continue to provide its greatest challenges.
While relationships, humbleness, and cooperation are generally valued more than achievement, ambitiousness, and competition, overt and honest performance evaluation may cause employees to lose 'face.
A second reason for irremediable backwardness, or something very close to it, is the lack of American-style ambitiousness.
This selective attention has produced a rather narrow understanding of the novel, and has failed to highlight its ambitiousness.
The fact that all three were moving within Hollywood for the first time perhaps accounts for Hudsucker's ambitiousness, as well as for its saturation in movie history.
This ambitiousness is both the strength and weakness of Burlinson's book, producing a somewhat uneven but always fascinating study.
assured his staff that "a more local focus does not mean less sophistication or ambitiousness.
Dubbed, Operation "Clean Sweep," the campaign was a test of Brooklyn CORE's ambitiousness and creativity.
As Doctor Who's music gained prominence in the show's production, so the scores themselves grew in ambitiousness, becoming more "cinematic.
It's hard to overstate the sequence's importance in New Zealand poetry, not only because of the new departure it represented, with its intellectual ambitiousness and its eclectic range of material and register, but also because it can be read as a kind of key to the sophisticated and sometimes difficult work that followed.
Once formed, the team tends to elevate the ambitiousness of their goals.