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Abstract: Political ambivalence towards the Parti Quebecois remains a basic characteristic of Quebec electoral politics, but no attention has been paid to it by analysts.
The larger society that results, often described as scientifically illiterate, regards this elite group with great ambivalence, almost like a priesthood.
develops the ambivalence of Freud over whether sex is good and to be encouraged or whether it is a force to be controlled and repressed.
If none of this sounds very virtuous, Bednarowski says that's because ambivalence in any religious context is seldom seen through that lens.
This takes us back to the case of Samuel Armas, because there is a profound ambivalence about this story too.
All reputable pollsters are aware of public ambivalence.
The allure and ambivalence of artificial hearts as a technology solution (or at least a treatment strategy) to heart failure, alongside variable characterizations of success, ground this story of how and why this problematic technology continued to be developed.
A specific contribution of our study is the focus on the often neglected negative influences of ambivalence and reactance as mediators of the effects of narratives with information targeting fears and myths of organ donation compared with narratives without information on TPB constructs perceived behavioral control, attitudes, social norms, and, ultimately, organ donation--related behavioral intentions.
Interestingly, this ambivalence appears across segments, including allies.
However, after Scott (1968) proposed the ambivalence attitude theory, social psychologists started to regard positive and negative attitudes separately (Conner & Sparks, 2002), which has given a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the target, and uncovered more effective solutions to social problems.
The truth is there is a huge amount of ambivalence toward this whole jihadist phenomenon -- more than any of us would like to believe -- in the Arab-Muslim world, Europe and America.
A new study published in Liver Transplantation, a journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and the International Liver Transplantation Society, found that ambivalence is common among donor candidates.