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Perhaps the novel, as a genre, is friendlier to ambivalence than the essay is, more antipathetic to confident conclusions or professions of faith.
Wright is plagued with a "double-consciousness" vis-a-v is the Party in specific; Ellison's hero, while himself plagued with many forms of ambivalence, is able to make a cleaner spiritual break from the group.
In the same era, the ambivalence and resistance of German social arbiters towards the Sexual Revolution and the women's movement is expressed in the statement that it is unavoidable that men and women work together in the same room, often right next to each other.
As these more egalitarian rules take time to 'sink in', this shift in the traditional division of labour between husbands and wives has intensified the tug-of-war between old and new ideals (and power resources), and the related feelings of ambivalence in both men and women.