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The condition of colored people as melancholic subjects, by contrast, expresses itself in their internalization of being ambivalently desired.
So it is not unexpected that the word sacres in the title could be taken ambivalently, especially when we begin reading his selections from such "damned" writers as Rimbaud, Lautreamont, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Eckhart.
Barrett Browning depicts the train ambivalently, with excitement and dismay--on the one hand, as an agent of velocity and eroticized power: "so we .
This suggests that any simple notion of iconography--not even one that accounts for resistant or oppositional readings--will not serve as an interpretive schema of the ambivalently postcolonial gaze that theses authors bring to their respective photographic works.
The authors expected ambivalently attached individuals to utilize a deferring coping style and to engage in strategies that either requested or attempted to manipulate comfort from God and others.
Thus, Franci's "Defense of Women" "oscillates ambivalently between an 'objective' 'scientific' reconceptualization of gender relations, and a reinscription of the conventional feminine ideal," viewing women as essentially different from, and therefore necessarily under the control of men (103).
Homi Bhabha employs the translation metaphor specifically in terms of migration: "the liminality of migrant experience is no less a transitional phenomenon than a translational one; there is no resolution to it because the two conditions are ambivalently enjoined in the 'survival' of migrant life" (Bhabha 1994: 224).
4) It also inaugurated a new mission paradigm in which colonialism and mission were ambivalently interdependent.
The recommendation for a phased transition to full direct payments over 10 years has been viewed ambivalently by most.
Other political leaders and members of Congress are viewed more ambivalently, even if they all continue to enjoy somewhat higher ratings than they had before the events of September 11th last year.
They embraced the difference as difference--however (we'd prefer to think) ambivalently.
The ambivalently contractual nature of liberal marriage works against women.