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There are two possible explanations for this: One is that ambivalently attached children who are fearful, anxious, and hyperactive (Brenning, Soenens, Braet, & Bosmans, 2012), may not keep away from social contact; instead they may make more effort in searching for dependence on social relationships, although they remain passive and wary in doing so.
Despite the title's reference to the emancipation of European Jews in the Age of Enlightenment, this volume's theme is allo-Semitism, which treats Jews ambivalently as a radically different people.
The first chapter examines adaptations of Shakespeare's Lear, operas by Giovanni Paisiello and Fernando Paer, and Amelia Opie's novella The Father and Daughter to argue that in such works the literature of sentiment ambivalently shifts the notion of human flourishing from the holy to the bourgeois family and from religious belief to human virtue, especially that of the dutiful, virginal daughter, who through her activity props up an otherwise tottering paternal authority.
It's exactly three years ago that the ins and outs of the overpopulated strip were sealed off by the Israeli military just as tightly as the entire "International Community" shut its eyes and ambivalently turned its back on a horrifying massacre that was in the making.
Here the factory is a metaphor extended to the city's cultural imaginary, the maquiladora de suenos [dreams] referenced in the introduction, and more ambivalently through the first three contributions to the book.
MANY people react ambivalently to the periodic news that Merseyside is to continue receiving economic assistance from the European Union.
The celebratory final scene on the festival meadow is relocated to an ambivalently indoors/outdoors setting where a fairground rotunda--its carnival time--and pillars take up valuable space.
Not surprisingly, he has now positioned himself and his troops ambivalently between the revolutionaries and Vice-President Hadi, refusing to support any particular plan or endorse youth demands.
Both essays in this section confirm that in the early modern period there was a tendency to 'respond ambivalently to the sexualized dimensions of healthy bodies' (p.
This move, which is set to be ambivalently received in the Muslim world, also breaks the National Transitional Council from the Gaddafi regime, which does not have any diplomatic relations with Israel.
Widder's formulation views time ambivalently, both as the structure of what moves in time and as time's own movement.