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This week's recipe treads the fine line between the pure flavours of barely-cooked asparagus and the spicier, more piquant tones of hummus, that ambrosial dip from the Levant.
I don't love it as a salad garnish, but on a cake, it's ambrosial.
Its a la carte menu reads more like a sparse shopping list than a collection of dishes, but I can confirm that an assortment of quail, blackberry, bread sauce and onion, once on a plate, is pretty ambrosial.
The collection includes an extensive 24 color options, in bold hues, such as Ambrosial, a bright plum pink; Blue Beat, a deep, dark blue; and Hellebore, a vibrant mid-toned purple.
To create more interactive session with children and parents, we had organized "Euphoria", grand carnival and organized frolicking games, joy rides, rapturous music, ambrosial food, amazing gifts, ecstatic tattoos & many more fun activities.
A delicate pear aroma leads to an ambrosial mouthful of vibrant stone and citrus fruit.
Survey with me, what ne'er our fathers saw, A female band despising Nature's law, To Gallic freaks or Gallic faith resign'd, The crane-like neck, as Fashion bids, lay bare, Or frizzle, bold in front, their borrow'd hair; Scarce by a gossamery film carest, Sport, in full view, the meretricious breast; Loose the chaste cincture, where the graces shone, And languish'd all the Loves, the ambrosial zone; And o'er the wreck of kingdoms sternly stand; And, frantic, midst the democratic storm, Pursue, Philosophy
Elf' Joe and 'wood nymph' Hannah at Anthea's Ambrosial Forest Garden at the 2007 RHS show in Cardiff
The luscious perfectly seared steak was soft, tasty, and tender, and the bagna cauda that accompanied it, with its buttery overtones and Italian flair, made the meal ambrosial.
Then, just as an unadvertised squid ink crisp revealed itself to be an ambrosial prawn cracker, Mrs Diner and I looked at each other and mouthed two words in unison: "Seriously good
Escarabajo ambrosial del Laurel Rojo Xyleborus glabratus, Eichhoff (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae).
Made with the finest Madagascar Vanilla ice cream and infused with ambrosial Iranian saffron and rare black Italian truffles, the scoop is a result of five weeks of a painstaking experiment with recipes and ingredients from all over the world.