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No technical difficulties were encountered, and all subjects were able to be ambulant, except during the voiding segment of the protocol.
Although considerably more bedridden patients than ambulant patients in the programme died, outcomes in the former group can still be regarded as highly successful.
one must have failed or unsuccessfully completed at least two other recognised ambulant or stationary forms of therapy
Ambulant and weelchair disabled pay the relevant price with free carer.
Le metier de photographe ambulant est mort et enterre.
Seated and Ambulant throws open the day's proceedings at 11am with the open track and field competitions starting at 1pm.
The Year 8 Ormesby School pupil was competing in the ambulant men's 200m against some athletes who were as much as three years older.
SO, the dread, dead hand of well-meaning but wholly misguided and inevitably counter-productive central government interference and meddling has finally reached into our hospitals to dictate what visitors, staff and ambulant patients may be allowed to purchase by way of a quick snack.
Dickin was taken by ambulant to the Manor Hospital but was discharged.
My wife uses a wheelchair and I am ambulant disabled.
I am asking the cab drivers of Cardiff, if you do have a taxi with facilities for the disabled, do not refuse our fare to make it easier for yourself, but kindly take into account that we wheelchair users probably need taxis more than ambulant people, as we cannot walk home or catch a bus
In between are women, children, people pushing child buggies and ambulant disabled people.