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Machado has been hunting from the Ambusher for four years, and his most memorable day from the blind was at Greenhead where he shot four banded mallards.
Professor Simon Chadwick of Coventry University's Business School, added: "We are likely to see ambushers engaged in activities ranging from rival advertising through to the distribution of free gifts and the use of images deliberately designed to mislead consumers about who the official sponsors are.
144) This reality clarifies Schmitz's assertion that in the US a trade mark holder will more often than not seek relief against an ambusher under the 1946 Lanham Act.
Broadly speaking, their approach is to prohibit any form of advertisement which is likely to suggest an association between the ambusher and the event.
The ambusher moves ahead and sets the trap and when one monkey makes a mistake it's all over.
Cary Grant and Anthony Quinn embark on a perilous rescue mission in the Oscar-winning war drama THE GUNS OF NAVARONE(March 1); Karl Malden helps Marlon Brando fight corrupt union bosses in the eight-time Oscar-winner ON THE WATERFRONT(March 8); Dean Martin stars as super-spy Matt Helm in THE SILENCERS and THE AMBUSHERS (March 15); Peter O'Toole leads a revolt against the Turks in the Oscar-winning epic LAWRENCE OF ARABIA(March 22), with Alec Guinness and Claude Rains; and a young orphan tries to find his way in the world in the 1968 Oscar-winning Charles Dickens adaptation OLIVER
Hiding unnoticed in weedy shallows, pickerel are sleek and stealthy ambushers, heavily armed with lethal jaws.
The second and third place went to Ambushers from OTE IT division and Team Y & R respectively.
Daniel Keatinge, 25, was blasted in the stomach by ambushers in Formosa Road, Fazakerley, five years ago.
And the next day, after breakfast when I had pleased my wife and broken up the spider's cosmos in the corner of the yard, I would ambush the ambushers.
The ambushers also captured a payam [district] administrator, Abraham Makoi Chawul Pen Agau, who was with the convoy but later released him after he explained his position to his captors.
While continuing to fire at the ambushers, they sped up and moved through the kill zone--in some cases, noting tracer rounds ricocheting off the V-100s.