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Most jurisdictions allow juvenile court judges to waive jurisdiction based on assessments of a youth's dangerousness or amenability to treatment.
While downward dispositional departures (from a presumptive prison to a non-prison disposition) are permitted on grounds of the offender's supposed amenability to probation, downward durational departures (a reduction in length of imprisonment) are not.
The fresh mineralisation demonstrated low amenability to direct cyanidation at P[sub.
To determine the Kiaka ores' amenability to gravity separation two ~8 kg sub-samples of each bulk sample were split from the bulk samples.
However, treatment programs rely on other variables that concern the offender's amenability to the program, and that seldom have such a bearing.
DOC reviews criminal records for program eligibility, evaluates offender's treatment needs and determines amenability to treatment.
The metallurgical amenability of froth flotation has been demonstrated and early recovery results have been highly encouraging at >80% KCl which is considered to be near industry averages.
Preliminary cyanide amenability tests and check assays are in progress for all intervals.
V: BYU ), (Pink Sheets: BYSWF ) is pleased to announce the results of the initial ISR amenability testing conducted on the Hauber Project LLC lands located in Crook County, Wyoming that make up part of the Company's Elkhorn/Alzada project.
As per Phoenix, mining and mineral processing technology firm, which is formulating mining plans across Europe now has affirmed to analyze the possible amenability of mineralised material from its Turkish operations being treating with AmmLeach, which utilizes ammonia-based chemistry to extract copper, zinc, nickel and cobalt from ore deposits, as well as others.
Testwork Confirms the Amenability and Technical Viability of Using
A Bankable Feasibility Study ("BFS") is defined as a detailed report prepared by, or prepared under the supervision of, an Independent Qualified Person in accordance with the Canadian National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for evaluating the feasibility of placing any part of a Property into commercial production as an operating mine and shall include a reasonable assessment of the various categories of ore reserves and resources and their amenability to metallurgical treatment, a detailed description of the work, personnel, equipment and supplies required to bring such part of the Property into commercial production and the estimated cost thereof, a description of the mining and processing methods to be employed and a financial appraisal of the proposed operations.