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In that case, I have to thank you for being so amiably disposed, and I must not fail to express my obligations to you for all your flattering kindness.
One man spoke to Bert amiably in German, and Bert nodded and smiled.
I often think," she continued after a short pause, drawing nearer to the prince and smiling amiably at him as if to show that political and social topics were ended and the time had come for intimate conversation- "I often think how unfairly sometimes the joys of life are distributed.
When he was seen thus among his books and his valuables, amiably anxious to make his visitor comfortable, and moving about with something of the dexterity and grace of a Persian cat, Denham relaxed his critical attitude, and felt more at home with Rodney than he would have done with many men better known to him.
But Duty has a trick of behaving unexpectedly--something like a heavy friend whom we have amiably asked to visit us, and who breaks his leg within our gates.
Tink," said Peter amiably, "this lady says she wishes you were her fairy.
Oh, anything does for an excuse, of course," said Aunt Atossa, amiably.
I was never of a forgiving disposition, I was never an amiably disposed person.
He now remembered how the Emperor, meeting him on the Nevsky, had amiably congratulated him.
From first to last we found this gentleman perfectly straighforward, and most amiably willing to assist us.
Some of the girls still nodded amiably, but never invited her to visit them; others merely dropped their eyelids, and went by without speaking, while a good many ignored her as entirely as if she had been invisible.
 "I am very sorry, sir," replied the critic, amiably, "but it did