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Courts and Beyond: Why Members of Congress Participate as Amici Curiae,
39) Finally, Mexico amended its civil procedure code to authorize amici curiae in 2011.
The parties to K2, as well as amici curiae, have filed briefs in anticipation of reargument.
02-1667); Brief of the States of Kansas and Delaware as Amici Curiae in
Amici curiae which means "friends of the court" are parties that are not directly involved in a litigation, but believe they may be impacted or have views on the matter before by the court.
2007) ("As amici curiae [Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Listed among the 27 Members joining this brief as amici curiae are House Judiciary Chairman Rep.
55) Today, states vary widely concerning the rules which govern filing of amici curiae.
With the goal of helping students sort out civil liberties and balance of power issues connected with the "War on Terror," Pohlman (public policy, Dickinson College) assembles legal materials from key post-9/11 cases, including excerpts of oral arguments, party briefs, amici curiae briefs, and court decisions.