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6bn bid for the retail giant, is thought to have run up against financing troubles amid the global credit squeeze.
The wildness, the group, the pandals, the gigantic assortment of pujas, skilled aesthetics at a show, the overpowering nourishment, and in particular the irrepressible soul of a regular Kolkatan amid the pooja days of the extraordinary festival of the goddess Durga, is incredible.
JEDDAH: The director of health affairs in Jeddah urged residents to take precautionary measures amid a raging dust storm in the city and nearby places on Monday.
The Iranian minister likewise met with Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev and various high-raking officials amid his tour to Bishkek.
Amid the meeting the pastor highlighted that so as to make progress on the UN worldwide motivation for Information and Communications advancements (ICTs) for Sustainable Development, clear rules with national objectives and key execution pointers ought to be distinguished to the part states with a yearly postliminy.
Congress allow the island's heavily indebted government to declare bankruptcy amid an economic crisis, according to AP.
Hilla (NINA) - 12 Persons killed and 25 others wounded on Sunday evening, July 14, when a suicide attacker detonated his vest of explosives amid worshipers in a mosque in Mosayab district.
Summary: Hong Kong: Taiwan called on more companies yesterday to finance athletes amid concerns local tennis .
BOLIVIA'S president has left Europe for home amid diplomatic drama, a day after his flight was rerouted and delayed in Austria amid suggestions that he was trying to spirit whistleblower Edward Snowden away.
We have our GDP forecast (0%) under review for downward revision amid piling risks on investments and exports sideThe detailed breakdown delivered a limited surprise, with domestic demand remaining on a downward trajectory and net exports maintaining their positive tone.
Summary: The Obama administration on Saturday ruled out calls for minting a $1 trillion platinum coin to avert a crisis over the US debt ceiling amid partisan bickering.