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The dying rattle of the valiant gladiator guided them amidst the ruins.
A group of more interest appeared near the hearth, sitting still amidst the rosy peace and warmth suffusing it.
I thanked God--experienced amidst unutterable exhaustion a glow of grateful joy--and slept.
They read the tale of men blown to bits, of futile soldiers in that localised battle fightingagainst hope amidst an indescribable wreckage, of flags hauled down by weeping men.
He had seen airships flying low and swift over darkened and groaning streets; watched great buildings, suddenly red-lit amidst the shadows, crumple at the smashing impact of bombs; witnessed for the first time in his life the grotesque, swift onset, of insatiable conflagrations.
New Delhi: As per reports, the future of 5,000 Aircel employees hangs in balance amidst reports that company may close its services soon.
Summary: Kolaras (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Feb 24 (ANI): Amidst reports of EVM machines malfunctioning in different polling booths, the voting for the Assembly by-polls in Madhya Pradesh's Mungaoli and Kolaras continued on Saturday.
com/sliver-truth-amidst-un-manipulation-palestinian-rights/) A Sliver of Truth amidst UN Manipulation of Palestinian Rights appeared first on (http://www.
He appreciated during meeting with the Chairman of the General Sudanese Students Union , Amar Ala-Eddin in the Republican Palace Wednesday, the Union's initiatives set to heighten national affiliation amidst students and find a pioneering generation of students who could contribute to development of the Country.
NEW YORK, Jan 16 (KUNA) -- UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Tuesday the Middle East was iin a dilemma amidst a growing risk of an escalation, calling on Palestinians and Israelis to return to negotiations' table.
Lustre donned a hip sweater and scarf as she posed amidst the thick fog at Camp John Hay.
Ah yes, scented candles casting a glow, soft music playing, a glass of wine and a good book to read amidst the suds.