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Los espectadores amoral e indiferente-culpabilizado no guardan correlacion con las habilidades para la gestion de conflictos interpersonales, a excepcion de la habilidad cognitiva interpersonal con la cual el espectador Amoral muestra una correlacion inversa y significativa.
I do believe, however, that these men were both aggressive and amoral, and the combination led to confrontation.
Theories that characterize antisocial behavior as amoral panic and the use of the term by politicians, primarily in England, are examined in this thoughtful analysis.
Speaking at a press conference the same day, Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe lashed out at Li for describing Koizumi's visits to the Shinto shrine as ''stupid and amoral.
Tom Ripley's engaging surface tops a character who is completely amoral, murderous and lies like a flat fish.
Deal was made with MC's controlling shareholders, Miguel Pals do Amoral and Nicolas Berggruen.
Whatever the truth, Faria will be vilified as a scheming, amoral liar prepared to destroy others for her own purposes.
In fact, the best way for the religious to fend off the atheist threat might be to revive the old bad--or at least amoral and indifferent--gods.
Morris's book portrays Clinton as a weak-willed, amoral, and visionless wanderer, saved--in a limited way--only by his vaunted empathy and communication skills, coupled with his head for wonkish policy detail.
The media needs to be clear when speaking and writing about this; otherwise you are allowing all of us who try to be truly "pro-life" to be written off as amoral or immoral because we didn't vote for Bush.
Werlin, author of the acclaimed YA mysteries The Killer's Cousin, Black Mirror, and other novels, keeps the suspense high, and she draws convincing portraits of a bright young man, his anguished father, the clever, amoral, Dr.
They may not have been had we not had such amoral policies from the present Government.