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Will Stewart's amorously prepared English treat make the actor want to go public with their rekindled romance?
We know that all the young people, after arriving at the villa in the morning, and after Filomena's weaving and placing a laurel garland upon Pampinea, formed for themselves beautiful garlands of various leaves while singing amorously ("belle ghirlande di varie frondi faccendosi e amorosamente cantando" Dec.
Her outright rejection of her father's wishes by amorously pursuing a liberal politician constitutes independent thinking on Marjorie's behalf, and it also voids the usual reason for a father's usual opposition to a marriage: lack of economic parity.
Unique and thoroughly 'user friendly', "Simple Sexy Food" will prove to be a welcome addition to personal and family cookbook collections, and an ideal gift for newlyweds and the amorously adventurous
With this distinction between love as a feeling and love as a discourse (6) in mind, this paper will attempt to explore the ways in which the lyrical "I" of Shakespeare's Sonnets sneaks into the discourse in the first part of the so-called procreation sequence, arguing that these sonnets too, despite being the ones in the volume that are perhaps the most widely regarded as exercises in the literary conventions of the era, can be read amorously, as part of "a lover's discourse" that asserts itself by virtue of its being rooted in established conventions of love as much as by its tendency to contravene those very same conventions.
Many insects become amorously inclined when they sense sex pheromones--natural biochemical perfumes--coming from a potential mate.
It would have cramped his style politically, not to mention amorously.
Annexed to amorously twisted hair (204-5), the gems function as personal keepsakes but also as potential instruments in a charm or love spell.
3) plays upon the traditional association of the House of Burgundy with the life of Hercules, and gives Gossaert licence to portray not only a fully disrobed, amorously entwined couple, but a wooden club with spiked metallic ribbing.
The dictionary defines a flirt as "one courting triflingly or acting amorously without serious intentions'.
She gives Bernie two tickets for the Big Top to help him entertain their son while she becomes more amorously involved in a sensual tryst.
Instead, I am critically and amorously abandoned, expectant, expropriated by and toward this beloved body, this text or this flesh that has materialized next to me, somewhere between anticipation and surprise.