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The white powder obtained was put into a porcelain crucible and calcined under 500[degrees]C for 2 h to get the end product amorphous silica.
Goal of this work is investigation of influence of annealing of alloy with amorphous structure of the Ni-Si-B system on change of its structure.
Nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloys prepared by devitrification of melt-spun amorphous ribbons are interesting because of their magnetic properties superior to previously used materials, offering large inductions and good temperature stability.
Prior to or during the last phase of manufacturing--solid-state polymerization--the transparent, amorphous pellets are crystallized by high-temperature heating, during which they are also agitated to prevent them from sticking or fusing together.
The direct evaluation methods of amorphous regions have been also proposed by using X-ray scattering data for the films after deformation by some authors [13-21].
Asthan and Kannan developed an amorphous polyester with a glass transition temperature of 107-110[degrees]C.
University of Calgary researchers have developed a new family of amorphous catalysts based on iron oxide--rust--that turns water into hydrogen fuel.
Washington, May 01 (ANI): Researchers and display manufacturers have found a whole new family of materials, known as amorphous oxide semiconductors, to provide the speed and stability that next-generation TVs and computer monitors will require.
These include tests for anomer ratio (that is, the proportions of alpha-lactose and beta-lactose--see sidebar), tests for related sugars, (glucose and galactose), tests for residual proteins or protein fragments and measurement of amorphous lactose.
Amorphous materials; research, technology and applications.
2-inch amorphous silicon TFT liquid-crystal display (LCD) that is just 1.