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Then there were those settlements which failed to find a centralising point and sprawled amorphously.
Both pristine and SHI irradiated films demonstrate amorphously nanocrystalline composition.
In the phrasing of the reproach, the will maintains the subject's ignorance by referring to a generalized loss, persisting in the refusal to name the "something" which has been "lost," amorphously passed over as "some pleasure" or "clouds of nameless trouble.
Bur again, attribution is impossible: we could assign it--if we agree to adopt the poem's own bewildering vagueness--to "the Sex"; even more amorphously, we might trace it to some sort of transcendent, sanctified source (after all, it is a "sacred" Rule).
29) Because the erroneous expectations of at-will employees are rooted in a verifiable factual mistake, they should be fairly easy to correct without recourse to amorphously heightened standards of a "knowing and voluntary" waiver.
What matters here is words (broadly and finally amorphously defined), and what matters much less is deeds, the "tyranny of things" promoted by scholars such as Chicago's Bill Brown, cultural artifacts, and so forth.
31) For example, some states define specific calendar dates within which an irrigation right can be exercised, while others limit the period of use to an amorphously defined "irrigation season.
But the benefit is somewhat opaque, because the state's arts-and-culture sector straddles the line between for-profit and nonprofit and amorphously crosses into businesses ranging from galleries to design firms to rock bands.
Amorphously colorful illustrations enhance the playful verse about the wonders of creativity and the beauty of transforming thought into reality.