amount deducted

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RAWALPINDI -- The Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has asked the Punjab government to pay back the amount deducted from its share of Octroi for between January and June last year due to financial constraints.
Leo Varadkar said those who refuse to pay their pub tabs and restaurant bills should have the amount deducted from their salary.
However, the amount deducted shall not exceed five days' remuneration for each month.
8 of 1980 regulating employment relations in the UAE (the "Employment Law") states," No amount of money may be deducted from an employee's remuneration in respect of private claims, except in the following cases: (a) the recovery of advances or amount of money paid to the employee in excess of his entitlements, on condition that the amount deducted in this case does not exceed 10 per cent of his periodic remuneration;
Taken over a whole year, the $28 per fortnight is approximately the same value as the current end-of-year supplement ($737), so there is no change to the amount deducted.
The amount deducted is paid directly to a creditor until the debt is cleared.
If the department cancels the decision of the employer or reduce compensation due from the worker, the employer shall return to the worker the amount deducted in excess without a right thereto within not more than seven days.
My complaint was answered with "if 40 councillors say they will be attending and only 20 turn up, then obviously food will be left over", so I suggested that those who changed their minds and did not attend should be sent a bill for their food or the amount deducted from their allowances, but that suggestion did not go down well at all.
5 percent said they thought the deductible is "an amount deducted from your paycheck to pay for your insurance premium," and 7.
If you're a postpaid user, the amount you spend on Google Play will be added to your monthly bill, while prepaid users will have the amount deducted from their existing balance automatically.
After every transaction, customers will receive an SMS and an email with the amount deducted and the remaining balance in their accounts.
an SMS and an email showing the amount deducted and their remaining balance.