amount deducted

See: discount
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the value of goods ordered the fine, the amount deducted from the value of the goods delivered.
According to official data, the minimum monthly wage in Turkey is TL 1,000 and the amount deducted for insurance premiums from a minimum wage owner is TL 375.
There is a lot to discuss regarding the pension, including how long it should be and the amount deducted from salaries [towards funds]," he said.
A tribunal can order the full amount deducted to be paid back to you.
In respect to the Interior Ministry's decision to return 1% of the amount deducted from its employees, and whether it was an official order that will include all government and private agencies, the minister highlighted the substantial benefits achieved by the Kingdom of Bahrain through the insurance against unemployment system, that made the Arab Labour Ministers Council endorse it and many other countries consider its application.
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Board of Revenue has asked banks to refund the access amount deducted in terms of withholding tax on bank transactions.
The amount deducted in previous years is considered as income in the year of sale and taxed accordingly.
1) Repayment of loans or money advances paid to the worker in excess of his entitlements, provided that the amount deducted in this case shall not exceed 10 per cent of his wage.
Sd bin Mohammed Al-Shamrani said he was shocked when he saw the amount deducted from his account in Al-Rajhi Bank on June 15.
A 'pay me later' button to pay an invoice from a supplier on time, but have the amount deducted from your bank account 30 days later;
Upon establishing that proof, the burden of proof shifts to the DRA to demonstrate that the amount deducted is clearly unreasonable, an undefined standard.
From next April he will have a small amount deducted at source from his pay.