amount due

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Deposits and Guarantees required: there is provided a holdback of 5% on the amount due to the contractor.
NNA - Caretaker Finance Minister Rayya Hassan said on Thursday that the letters Water and Energy Ministry has presented her contradict in terms of the amount due, whereby she denied having received the USD 64.
The total amount due to Ekay and DHL from APS is approximately A[pounds sterling]1.
Document the amount due and the method for payment (monthly, semester and so forth) on a policy sheet and in a registration form before the student starts lessons, as well as at the start of each school year for returning students.
The prisoner asked to be allowed to pay the amount due no later than six months after his release from prison.
To use the system, complete and submit an application for approval to pay an amount due in installments.
At that time, a five percent surcharge is added to the outstanding amount due that usually includes property taxes, water bills and other city charges.
Under the program, the DOR will accept as full payment 80% of the amount due as of June 15, 1998; the maximum reduction available is $10,000.
That state's law allows a late fee of $5 per month or 5 percent of the amount due, whichever is less.
Bank National Association, as Trustee and Issuing and Paying Agent, is directed to request an advance under the SPA whenever roll-over proceeds of CP Certificates are insufficient to pay the principal amount due upon maturity of the CP Certificates.
The failure-to-file penalty is imposed on the "net amount due," which is computed by reducing the taxpayer's correct tax liability for the tax period at issue by the amount of tax paid on or before the date prescribed for payment of the tax (and by the amount of any credit against the tax that may be claimed on the return).
The collection of this note represents the final amount due from the $76,000,000 sale.