amount of surface

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Because of its high amount of surface water, it was ideal for loi, irrigated fields for farming the starchy vegetable taro, a staple crop, she said.
While a very small amount of surface moisture may not cause any visible issues in most general-purpose molding and extrusion applications, increasing surface moisture levels will cause surface finish problems such as roughness, splay, or silver streaks.
Automatic dosing stations are provided for metered dosing of chemicals into several of the tanks, the quantity being worked out automatically according to the amount of surface area to be anodised on each flight bar.
Nevertheless, rock caverns and underground space can assist the relocation of certain at-grade facilities, which will indirectly increase the amount of surface land for development in the long run.
That said, it did rain lots and there was a fair amount of surface water at times - but nothing that troubled the Sportage.
North Tyneside Council is working in partnership with Northumbrian Water and the Environment Agency to reduce the amount of surface water that enters Killingworth and Longbenton areas to prevent flooding, with work due to start in the spring of 2018.
The amount of surface reserves for its Roby and Sheriff open pits have increased by 11.
This beading action minimizes the amount of surface area that the spilled fluid contacts, neutralizes penetration and enhances cleanability.
The work, being carried out in partnership by Northumbrian Water, North Tyneside Council and the Environment Agency, aims to reduce the amount of surface water that enters the sewer network.
The results of this group revealed some amount of surface irregularities and pitting as observed in case of carbonated sports drink.
5) synthesized in the mentioned optimal conditions shows that the film is homogeneous, smooth and solid, with a small amount of surface defects.