amount of surface

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He said stronger foundations haven't been proven to prevent structural damage in the future, because "there is no way to predict the amount of surface rupture movement, and thus it is impossible to build (within reasonable costs) a foundation that will accommodate an unknown amount of rupture," he said in an email.
Surface structure of elliptical cavities is evident in all samples, but what caused the differentiation of these samples is the amount of surface.
You can see the amount of surface water there is here, there's absolutely no point putting sheep down here, they wouldn't be able to live on this type of land naturally.
5 nm in diameter, POSS chemicals provide a tremendous amount of surface area and volume control when incorporated into formulations.
I should have said the inefficient burning rate was controlled by the amount of surface area of the granules of the different sizes of black powder as in Fg, FFg, or FFFg etc.
We have completed a significant amount of surface exploration work and an initial drilling program at Lone Mt over the past six months and the results of this work have highlighted a number of highly prospective targets which we now plan to drill test,' Global Geoscience Managing Director, Mr Bernard Rowe, said today.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers announced that they have broken a world record by creating two new synthetic materials with the greatest amount of surface areas reported to date.
The design of the drainage system allows for a certain amount of surface water at times of heavy rainfall.
In the short term we aim to reduce the amount of surface water (that is, the rainwater from roofs, roadways and paved surfaces) that enters the sewers around Llanberis.
There were significant differences in the amount of surface tunneling between treatments for the 0, 30, and 60 d residue at all evaluations for the 2008 storage boxes-entire surface treated behavior study (Table 5).
The basic blade configuration is a flat-faced "T" to give the maximum amount of surface area to product ratio.
The wetlands restoration will reduce the amount of surface water leaving the land, slowing water runoff and the concentration of nutrients entering the public water management system and ultimately Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades, USDA said.