amount owing

See: debt
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During the liaison meeting, TEI asked the Department to consider amending the paragraph 19(8)(a) to exclude a loan amount owed by a CFA where another provision--clause 95(2)(a)(ii)(D)--would apply to any interest on the amount owing if the amount were owing to another CFA.
The amount owing would therefore become pounds 50,000 plus pounds 3,000, a total of pounds 53,000.
BacTech's own calculation of the amount owing is approximately USD$110,000.
Would the Department consider recommending an amendment to paragraph 17(8)(a) to exclude a loan amount owing by a CFA where clause 95(2)(a)(ii)(D) would apply to any interest on the amount owing if the amount were owing to another CFA?
The Lenders have the option to convert the full amount owing into common shares of ExtendMedia at a conversion price of $0.
Weinberg and Hasanain Panju solidarily to pay the aggregate amount owing by Globe-X of $59,315,360.
This binding agreement includes the amount owing to Bank One as at the date of closing, less the equivalent of $400,000 US.
The amount owing by Cathedral to Imperial under the line of credit as of March 31, 1999 was US$1,173,256.
CMGR states that it expects to recover the amount owing under the contract, plus interest and attorney's fees as provided by the contract.
Should Antares be unable to repay this advance by January 31, 1996, the amount owing would be discharged by dilution of the company's interest in the Lady Lina property below 50 percent.
to reduce the amount owing under a $5 million debenture between Epic Data and Discovery which became due on June 30, 1995.