amount payable

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amount payable by the terms of the contract is not more than $1,000,000, the Payment Bond
Cash Price pounds 14,995, Deposit pounds 995, Amount of Credit pounds 14,000, Total charge for credit pounds 3638, 60 Monthly Payments pounds 289, Total Amount Payable pounds 18,633 *includes pounds 149 admin fee with first and last payment
However, the unitrust amount payable to A's estate if A dies within the trust term is not a qualified interest.
The principal balance of a section 467 loan at the beginning of a rental period equals the fixed rent accrued in preceding rental periods, increased by the sum of the interest on fixed rent includible in the gross income of the lessor for preceding rental periods and any amount payable by the lessor on or before the first day of the rental period as interest on prepaid fixed rent, and decreased by the sum of the interest on prepaid fixed rent includible in gross income of the lessee for preceding rental periods and any amount payable by the lessee on or before the first day of the rental period as fixed rent or interest thereon.
It declared a dividend in that amount payable on October 11, 2006 to holders of record on October 2, 2006.
through a nonmodified endowment contract), the taxpayer can borrow the amount payable on the imputed interest tax-free.
08 per share for the first $500,000 of principal amount payable thereunder and $4.
The Pound Sterling and Euro amount payable has been determined by reference to the exchange rates of the Central Bank of Europe applicable to the U.
Caution: Annuity and unitrust payments can be made within a reasonable time after the close of the tax year, provided the amount payable is considered taxable income and not a return of capital.
The total exchange price will include an early participation payment of $20 per $1,000 principal amount payable only to holders of Old Notes that validly tender and do not withdraw their Old Notes at or before 5:00 p.
In TAM 9604001, the Service applies these earlier conclusions to a typical current split-dollar arrangement The IRS ruled that the employee is taxed each year on the economic benefit derived under the policy and that the economic benefit includes not only the current value of the life insurance protection but also the cash surrender value transferred to the employee in excess of the amount payable to the employer under the collateral agreement.
In the IRS's view, the intended deferral of actual receipt of payment could not be characterized as the right to receive a fixed amount payable annually or more frequently.