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The amount reserved for seminaries students would be released after adaptation of new procedure for the scholarships, they added.
114 million is reserved for Qaumi Razakar Organization which is slightly higher than the amount reserved in last year budget.
Amount reserved for Fachlos 2: The client writes 100% of the amount of waste for collection, ie the municipal post-consumer waste recycled paper content and the licensed operator of the system, from.
This page could also include line items to track the new requirements from the Financial Accounting Standards Board's Accounting Standards Update 2010-20 on "Disclosures about the Credit Quality of Financing Receivables and the Allowance for Credit Losses," including TDRs that subsequently defaulted and amount reserved for modified loans in the allowance for loan losses.
This is an art, not a science, and the amount reserved may depend on the client's financial condition, payment history, whether any amounts are disputed and myriad other factors.
The amount reserved by NWT for share buyback is RUB 3.
The Bank will increase its loan loss provision until Management believes it has an adequate amount reserved to handle any possible future charge off related to the relationship.
Loss development factors quantify the late developing aspects of certain losses, such as claims involving medical complications unrecognized in early treatment stages or verdicts for litigated claims that differ from the amount reserved to pay the claims.
The amendments also reserve an additional $64 million towards an expected deposit due to the revenue stabilization fund in the next biennium, bringing the total amount reserved to $114 million.
307 million has been reserved for Qaumi Razakar Organization which is slightly higher than the amount reserved in last year budget.
10753 million for the annual development works, which is 13 percent more than the amount reserved in the previous year and hoped that the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council is expected to allocate Rs.
With the exception of a modest amount reserved for inventory, the majority of fund balance is designated for general fund purposes, including a state-mandated one month reserve.