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The core's ampleness is fortunate for the schools because, practically speaking, they are not large enough to do the excellent job of expanding the core that the universities demand and that the profession really requires, while sustaining the effort of training students for their first jobs in every conceivable setting in which they may work.
So does the ampleness and four-square architectonic massing of the large-scale figures, the heft of their bodies beneath the silky fabrics.
It is, furthermore, a poem that held its own author in some awe, partly for its strangely fragmented but persistently surging "givenness," partly for the way its slowly maturing composition (1963-69) coincided with significant personal and other events (psychoanalytic sessions, his mother's death in 1964, the death of Elio Vittorini, the upheavals of May 1968), but also due to the unprecedented urge to probe and penetrate the deep, intricate, and often obscure felt pertinence of a text of unusual ampleness written far from any daintily estheticizing poetics.