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In this review, we focused on the detection of FGFR1 amplification by FISH.
The displacement amplification mechanism is the core component of the differential amplifying micro actuator.
Dominating peak have information about amplification and the frequency is related to principal frequency of the cover.
Because fingerprinting involves linear amplification only, nanomolar starting concentrations of vector are required without coupling to EXPAR.
Although the specimen exhibited enterovirus-like cytopathic effect by inoculation into HEF and GMK cells when cell culture system for virus isolation was used (2), extracted RNA from the supernatant of the cells showed no amplification by reverse transcription--PCR (RT-PCR) when 1 of the conventional primer sets for human enteroviruses was used (3,4).
The number of signals for the chromosome 9 centromere compared against the number of MYC signals determined the presence of amplification.
To develop this competitive assay, we varied the antibody concentration and the number of amplification steps to find the best combination resulting in high sensitivity while maintaining a low background signal (Figure 1).
PCR was performed by using AmpFLSTR[R] Profiler Plus[TM] PCR amplification kit (Perkin-Elmer Applied Biosystems, Foster City, California) and GenePrint[TM] Sex Identification System-Amelogenin (Promega Corporation, Madison, Wisconsin).
Atom, or matter-wave, amplification therefore involves transferring atoms from reservoirs of other atoms.
Our observations revealed that residents in need of amplification were typically agitated, often expressing themselves in excessively loud voices that in turn provoked other residents.
A wide variety of hearing aid selection considerations such as changes in types of microphones, noise suppression circuits, frequency response capability, programmability, and miniaturization have changed the quality of amplification that is available (Compton, 1991).