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Synplicity's Amplify family is the only physical synthesis solution that targets Fujitsu's AccelArray and LSI Logic's RapidChip platform ASIC products, and NEC Electronics' structured ASIC architectures.
Fundamentally, we have demonstrated for the first time that standard silicon can be used to build devices that amplify light," said Dr.
Synplicity's innovative Amplify ISSP and Amplify RapidChip software solutions won in the ASIC and IC Design Tools category and were recognized during an award ceremony held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, during DesignCon on February 1, 2005.
Filene Research Institute President/CEO Mark Meyer spoke on innovation at the NWCUA's Amplify conference Oct.
By using sophisticated performance engineering and its proprietary PVSAT(TM) software, the Amplify Energy team goes beyond simple monitoring or maintenance to thoroughly analyze production and weather data.
Throughout their journey, 22 bands in total were selected to perform at the Guinness Amplify Live Stages across Ireland and shown the tenacity and creative bravery to develop their careers and further their craft.
Amplify is the premium hospitality provider for the NIA and LG Arena, Birmingham, offering the very best combination of great food prepared by some of the UK' s leading chefs, amazing seats and ultimate live event experiences.
com)-- Amplify Federal Credit Union of Austin, Texas, is now using job candidate assessment tools and the CheckPoint 360 leadership training and development system from Rise Performance Group.
Osaka-Shi, Japan) has patented a primer which, when used in PCR under appropriate conditions, serves to detectably amplify 16S rRNA-encoding DNAs of bacteria of the Escherichia, Salmonella and Vibrio genera, but when used in PCR under the same conditions, does not serve to detectably amplify either chloroplast 16S rRNA-encoding DNAs or mitochondrial 16S rRNA-encoding DNAs.
Nested PCR was performed with sets of published PCR primers to amplify DNA from Core/E1 or NS5B regions (6,7).
Amplify functional polymers represent a family of functionalized polyolefin products for specialty applications.