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Figure 4 shows the dependence of the reduced complex viscosity on the reduced frequency of the decrosslinked XHDPE obtained from TSE using the compounding screws without ultrasonic treatment (a), with ultrasonic treatment at an amplitude of 10 [micro]m (b) and using the decrosslinking screws without ultrasonic treatment (c), with ultrasonic treatment at amplitudes of 10 [micro]m, (d) and 13 [micro]m, (e) at a flow rate of 6.
The dither amplitudes are diminished drastically as the PWM frequencies increase, and maximized at half of the maximum average current, i.
Latency and amplitude of the response are the two important parameters used for result interpretation.
In the spectrum, the resonance peak at 100 Hz is clearly noticeable, as well as the other components exhibiting lower amplitudes.
Foram constatadas diferencas estatisticamente significantes entre as orelhas para as Latencias de P1 (latencias medias da OD 53,9ms e da OE 56,7ms), Latencias de P2 (latencias medias da OD 185,3ms e da OE 190,5ms) e amplitude de N1 (amplitudes medias da OD 7,34[micro]V e da OE 7,63[micro]V), sendo todas no metodo MP.
Mean, median and maximum F/M amplitude ratios were mean, median and maximum F wave amplitudes divided by the corresponding maximum CMAP amplitudes.
For the comparison of the amplitudes of P-waves and the axis before and after treatment paired sample t-test was applied.
Based on the results for recorded waveforms (Figure 2) we also compared peak P700 amplitudes between patients and controls.
The amplitudes are still big," head of the Lokon and Mahawu volcanic observation post in Kakaskasen, Farid Ruskanda Bina, said in Tomohon Saturday.
This seems like a simple approach, however it is interesting to consider what happens when the amplitude and phase characteristics of the unwanted noise and cancellation signals are not perfectly matched.
6a shows the mapping differences (minimum detectable amplitudes): note that the topography is different as well as the values of the minimum detectable amplitude (difference recorded in this case from 2 to 3 [dB.