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Just as Leonardo da Vinci so aptly said in the 16th century, "Just as iron rusts from disuse, even so does inaction spoil the intellect," Learn Faster & Remember More and Building Mental Muscle make it amply clear that the "use it or lose it" concept is fully at work where the brain and mind are concerned.
Now that the military has been stretched thin in its global pursuits, Rangel said he wanted the Armed Services Committee to review the bill so that the personnel needs of the military could be amply discussed.
As amply illustrated by the work of DeMarini et al.
Throughout, the virulent reaction to Poitier's films by the Ku Klux Klan and other pillars of southern and northern white communities is amply documented.
Though the statements made by United for Peace and Justice are ominous, not all the week's demonstrations promise to so amply telegraph their location, time and numbers.
This point is amply illustrated by their account of how local congregations in Mississippi have sought to assist needy people.
By now amply studied, the male-authored fiction analyzed in the anthology has accumulated a lengthy critical bibliography whose revisionary impact should be taken into account, even--or especially--if to argue against it.
Mr Livingstone said: 'If anyone wanted to demonstrate that some men should not have access to their own children at their own will and whim, Mr Chick is amply demonstrating that women do not feel they always want their partners to have access to their children.
In conclusion, he noted, "Overall, this new HP ProLiant infrastructure has allowed us to reduce our operational overhead expenditure, made student registration more efficient and provided TCU with a flexible, reliable and scalable environment that will amply support the university for many years to come.
The examples in the story amply illustrate the problems that can occur when there is inadequate oversight by public authorities.
Like Alvin Ailey and Talley Beatty, McKayle challenged the style and taste of concert hall dance in the post-war period, injecting it with dance hall vernacular, jazz rhythms, and everyday social scenes relevant to the lives of ordinary people, as District Storyville amply displays.
But as this 450-page book (the companion to a documentary film also made by Ausubel) amply shows, Hoxsey's natural, herbal remedies and nutrition plans got amazing results, curing patients conventional medicine had given up on.