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The power of patois is that it comes from the bottom up, without social sanction, often from special-interest subcultures (surfers, techies, druggies) or ethnic or sexual minorities, and always with an amusedly slant stance toward majority culture.
Hobbs's mobile rings, and he patiently and amusedly explains about Bangor-on-Dee, ensures that whoever is on the other end of the line will find the racecourse rather than the holiday resort.
That may be one way of defining "assonance," as Frank amusedly agrees, but what Pilgrim Soul Productions' captivating "Educating Rita" does is get it triumphantly right.
While Gekko holds Rudy and watches amusedly, Bud eagerly signs documents that make him responsible for managing Gekko's portfolio.
Coetzee writes a detached, third-person and perhaps amusedly ironic "autrebiography" (to use his own term, adopted by Lenta, 2003), while every letter Head writes reflects her passionate, intelligent responsiveness to herself, her friends and her circumstances.
As if just exiting this scene, the final hunter, holding a hooded falcon, stands hands on hip, gazing amusedly at his audience (fig.
Quickening her pace, Mylia was thinking, almost amusedly, I'm so hungry, I'm not going to die anymore
FitzGerald" comprises a single sentence (fifty-six lines) of such unhurried calm, such imaginative yet unostentatious transitions, such dignity, such affectionate tact, as takes the reader's breath away, while leaving the poet amusedly unflustered.
Having served in military intelligence myself, I took this personally, though amusedly.
16) Ni Chuilleanain's interest in harlot saints can certainly not be mapped onto the uses of hagiography in the prudish discourses on sexuality of the Ireland she grew up in: she repeatedly expresses a delight in female carnality and amusedly recalls the Botticelli 'naked ladies' hanging at home in place of the usual Sacred Heart or the crucifix which her mother would not have in the house.