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The OED defines anachronism as "anything done or existing out of date; hence, anything which was proper to a former age, but is, or, if it existed, would be, out of harmony with the present.
RUBBISH, TO BE SURE: O'Carroll's Irish granny is a 1970s anachronism
It would be productive to see anachronism and its family resemblance terms as a trope or on the specific level, as a temporal speech figure, in which case it would be parallel to such major tropes as metaphor, metonym and irony and also to other, more vague figures of speech.
Agin, a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, had submitted a photo of himself to the school yearbook in which he wore chainmail and carried a medieval broadsword.
Today "look for the union label," is an anachronism.
Allowing for some creative anachronism, it's easy to imagine Nero conducting a similar flyover of the Circus Maximus in Rome, then forcing the charioteers to pose with him in front of the Imperial Eagle as he harangued the masses while distributing sparsiones (imperial gifts of grain and money) to the crowd.
Many sharp handicappers now hold the attitude that because American thoroughbreds increasingly are bred for speed instead of stamina, nobody in the Derby is truly cut out for the long 1 1/4-mile distance, and so pedigree analysis is an anachronism.
The licence fee is a completely unjustifiable anachronism which should have been abolished years ago when the technology became available to introduce a fair funding system.
The popular Renaissance paintings of Jerome in his study show him with the red hat and robes of a cardinal; despite Chaucer, this is an obvious anachronism.
The intervening ten years have neither diminished the emotional power of this book nor rendered it a literary anachronism in any way.
Though technological advances have made mass production not only much easier but customized so the phenomena of craft shops and shows around the country might seem like an anachronism but remain very popular.