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Doesn't such language tilt us toward the dizzyingly anachronistic jokes of Woody Allen or Mel Brooks?
Wheeler easily demonstrates that this chromatic premise derives from an anachronistic perspective.
One slightly anachronistic aspect of the book, an aspect that might not be the author's fault, is its lack of engagement with some crucial recent texts in the field of Left studies.
The European Central Bank is even more anachronistic.
Management gurus deplored our seemingly anachronistic stand, questioning the wisdom of standing in the path of what was clearly a sociological tidal wave.
Today, such a notion would be anachronistic, say some succession-planning experts.
How anachronistic is this in today's dot-com world where customers expect "real time" responses to their e-mails
The kind of light never brought by Andrew, Fergie, Philip, Edward, Princess Pushy and the anachronistic battalions of minor Royals.
Those who advocate a return to the more limited papal activity of the patristic and medieval periods, Dulles said, call themselves progressive, but they are really "nostalgic and anachronistic.
But even if all of the above is true, why would Christian writers possessing the fuller post-Resurrection understanding include this seemingly anachronistic tale in the gospels?
In today's world, the long distance ban is even more anachronistic than it was in 1996.
As we sit on the brink of the 21st Century, I am one of those critical observers of the anachronistic displays of skyscraper architecture that mix in hapless fashion with the other buildings and areas of this Empire City.