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For instance, in the entry for anachronism and anachrony, three senses are given: (1) in literary and film studies, anachronism usually refers to any event or object which shows some discrepancy in temporal placing with respect to the period described; (2) linguistic anachronism refers to a kind of archaism whereby older forms of words are deliberately revived or imitated; (3) in narratological studies, anachrony refers to types of discrepancy between the (actual logical and chronological) story order and the presented order of events in the discourse (Wales 17).
The reversal at some imagined midpoint of a line of temporality invokes perhaps a variant of the narrative anachrony so well described by Genette (ND 35-37).
Yes, we might answer, and easily--given narrative's power to accommodate modernist time, and given its penchant for anachrony more generally.
But with the vestiges of intellectual sophistication I possessed I saw through with distaste the long-distance theorist's dismissal of the aporia as anachrony or his embracing of it as the saving grace of a-chrony.