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He was narrow-hipped, narrow-shouldered, and anaemic, while he seemed not so much oppressed by gloom as by a sweet and gentle sadness, the weight of which was as sweetly and gently borne.
Andrey Semyonovitch was an anaemic, scrofulous little man, with strangely flaxen mutton-chop whiskers of which he was very proud.
As per a recent survey, around 58 per cent of pregnant women in the country are anaemic, with the prevalence of the deficiency being greater in rural women than their urban counterparts.
In fact it seems as if the cream of British acting talent has undergone a form of collective madness to team up for such an anaemic horror.
05PM Robert Pattinson (above) is back in his zone, being fawned over by Kristen Stewart (also above) in the vampire series so anaemic it's suitable for all the family.
The proportion of anaemic patients with low red cell indices was significantly higher in women <50 years and 50-65 years, compared to those >65 years of age (P=0.
Summary: DUBAI -- Around 40 per cent of the UAE population is anaemic and thalassemia is the topmost blood disorder in the country, health experts said at the first Emirates Haematology Conference.