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Microbiologists who have a low volume of anaerobic cultures or who simply choose not to invest in an anaerobic chamber may opt for anaerobic jars or bags.
predominately grow in anaerobic culture bottles, and clostridial sepsis usually affects elderly persons with abdominal conditions, malignancy, or immune suppression (11,12).
amnionii was previously recovered in anaerobic culture of the amniotic fluid of a woman after intrauterine fetal demise (2).
Typical examples of these are throat cultures for organisms other than beta hemolytic streptococci; identification of more than three pathogens in a specimen; cultures of oropharyngeal material, bowel contents, perirectal abscesses, decubiti, and Foley catheter tips, and anaerobic culture of surface wounds; and antibiotic susceptibility determinations on obvious contaminants, commensal species from sites they normally inhabit, or species with predictable susceptibilities.
Many case reports illustrate the value of obtaining anaerobic culture of the peritoneal fluid when treatment-resistant peritonitis exists.
Anaerobic culture directly from specimen yielded similar spore-forming, gram-positive bacilli.
Anaerobic cultures were considered positive when the abundance or diversity of the bacterial culture was increased under anaerobic conditions.
1,3,10] Both aerobic and anaerobic cultures are required for identification of the etiology.