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While some people fear a general anaesthetic, they may change their minds and ask for it on the operating table.
He said his wife was put in the high-dependency unit and on coming round from the anaesthetic told him she didn't feel right.
He said: "It is not necessary at present to give anaesthetic to a patient having organs removed, and I will not carry a donor card for that reason.
Abbott markets the leading inhalation anaesthetic sevoflurane, along with a broad line of other anaesthetic agents.
This paper reports on the causes and preventability of primary anaesthetic deaths in Western Australia between 1985 and 2008.
Last year, the Medical Sciences Council consulted on the scope of practice, qualifications and registration process for anaesthetic technicians.
ANURSE sexually abused women patients as they came round from anaesthetic, a court heard.
PATIENTS are undergoing complex surgery without the need for a general anaesthetic as doctors pioneer the use of a new nerve block.
Washington, July 2 (ANI): Inhaled anaesthetics widely used for surgery-particularly the anaesthetic desflurane - are a major contributor to global warming, according to a new study.
ANAESTHETIC should be given to all organ donors diagnosed as brain dead, a top doctor claimed yesterday.
A GRANDMOTHER said she warned a dentist her grandson had previously taken a long time to regain consciousness from a general anaesthetic just before he underwent the operation which killed him.
Between 1996 and 1999, eight people died after been given a general anaesthetic in a dentist's surgery, five of them children.