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In one of Shao Xunmei's (1906-1968) early poems, the later to-be editor of the popular humour magazine Analects Fortnightly [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (hereafter referred to as Analects), described Shanghai as a city of topsy-turvy realities, where the fantastic can become truth and the genuine may just as easily serve as a disguise for the false.
23) From this analysis of the Analects, it is questionable if Liang's characterization of the scholars represent those portrayed by Confucius, and if his criticisms of the intellectuals are really applicable to Confucins's view of scholars.
19 March 2013 -- Florida, USA-based retirement services firm The Newport Group said that it has entered into a strategic alliance with non-qualified plan analytics provider Analect Benefit Finance to provide total return swaps to companies that offer executive retirement plans.
Orbital, with $600 million annual revenues, plans to use the Analect product lines to enter the chemical and polymer markets.
In the Analects, Confucius repeated this word hundreds of times.
There are 20 pages for the Yidan Prize for Education Development, and 13 pages for the Yidan Prize for Education Research, symbolizing the twenty chapters of the Analects and the Thirteen Classics respectively.
Lau, Confucius: The Analects (Lun-yu) (Hong Kong: Chinese Univ.
Moving a mountain' is an oft-quoted phrase that could be traced back to the Analects of Confucius.
In this study of Confucius, the Analects, and early Chinese thought, the author argues that the Analects is not the earliest source of the teachings of Confucius; he criticizes the Lunyu-centric approach to Kongzi and advocates for subordinating Lunyu studies to the study of Kongzi in general.
In the Analects, Confucius says that fifty is a watershed year in one's life, a time when one becomes conscious of the "mandate of heaven," or one's position in the universe.
Confucius said (or is supposed to have said--some think this is much later interpellation into the Analects (15)): The first step in establishing good government is to rectify names.