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Analogical The basis for this category was a broad definition of analogical reference and included verbalizations that focused on pretend play transformations and world links.
Finally, analogical domain knowledge reuse makes expert information analysts able to specify information requirements more completely and accurately (Mainden & Sutcliffe, 1992).
To make this a bit more concrete, consider the two events van Trijp uses to exemplify the analogical reasoning in his artificial world.
In religious language, we find analogical onlooks as well as parabolic onlooks.
Our first core hypothesis is that analogical reasoning and learning are central to human cognition.
Analogical reasoning refers to the ability to perceive relationships between different phenomena (Gentner, 1983).
the "outworn creed" of analogical thought, as well as the
Anderson links Kepler's and Donne's analogical thinking through their use of the word "proportion.
In this chapter, he develops an analogical tie to the Trinity using Frame's three perspectives: normative, situational, and existential.
The object of study is the analogical dictionary (ideological), defined as "[.
The procedure is thus analogical, relying on the repetition of key terms across discourses (such as sacrifice, value, and exchange) rather than a traditional intellectual-history approach.