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Wilfred Samuels and Clenora Hudson-Weems analogize Paul D's state to a living death: "His daily life was a totentaz, a death (chain) dance th at ended in his symbolic entombment in a wooden prison at the end of each day" (125).
The video is set in a large white space that resembles a gallery or studio, encouraging a reading of the work that analogizes and compares the travails of laborer and artist.
Isabella then further analogizes superheroics to homosexuality when Samuel tells Pierce that a doctor "ordered a metagene test.
402 and 4980A, the letter analogizes the situation to that in Rev.
These are "candy bar crack cases, the criminal justice equivalent to junk food," Eric Sterling analogizes, "and the federal courts and prisons have become obese with these peanut prosecutions.
In its layout and text, Andy Warhol Screen Tests is an elegant version of the kind of yearbook to which Angell analogizes the collected Screen Tests themselves.
Bell analogizes his experience with unpredictable allies to King's.
Marclay's use of the body in his work also registers this tension: The mutability of our own substance analogizes the transience of sound, and musical instruments and records in turn are seen as prosthetics.
Chandler analogizes the unsuccessful dot-com business model to a real estate professional representing a buyer or a seller for free.
He literally remakes these things, not only for the sake of filming them, which offers a way of reflecting on and projecting space that purposefully recalls and analogizes how things in space operate and change in the mind, but also to explore and renew them in the present.