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Analogously to rational maxima is interesting to consider existence of irrational maxima, which in opposition to rational one, must correspond to minimal interaction between parts of the system and to its maximal stability.
Since our discovery of the antiplasmodial activity of ellipticine in 2007, we have shown through in vivo studies in Plasmodium berghei-infected mice that ellipticine is highly active in oral doses in the range 1-10 mg/kg/day, providing significant average survival rates versus controls and is in general more active than analogously structured natural and synthetic compounds (Rocha e Silva, Pohlit et al.
conjure Jack Pierson's word sculptures, while Gary Green sends up the same storefront signage as Adam McEwen, and Greg Jones rejiggers messages in an analogously humorous, if subtler, way in Margret's Malted: Where Friends Meet .
Aketch blew the horn of Greater Gogrial so loud that his self inflated pride analogously reminds me of a Biblical Pharisee who stood aloft in the temple and prayed thus: " God I thank you that I'm not like other men", (Luke 18:9-11).
The leaders of the polarized camps have for years clearly aligned themselves with opposing regional powers, whose differences appear analogously irreconcilable.
Lindsay Bremner's central thesis is that a city becomes a city analogously to the way in which a book becomes a book.
We have agreed that the contributions will be analogously distributed among [employers, employees and the government]," said Health Insurance Organisation's, Kyriacos Christofi.
The Obama Administration's fallback position is apparently that a nuclear Iran can be contained and deterred, analogously to the Cold War nuclear standoff with the Soviet Union.
The ultrasound beam is then focused analogously to a magnifying glass focusing the sun's rays to a point.
Analogously, in the auditory cortex, neurons within a column get tuned to the same frequency.
I wish to offer a modest suggestion to my Muslim friends, namely, that when they wish to refer to the deity while writing or speaking English they use the English word "God" (or analogously in other European languages, such as Gott, Dieu, .
Holbrook begins with an epigraph from Marian Engel's cross-species eroto-CanClassic Bear that claims "joy is tiring," and the epigraph's associative border-crossing transgression sets the right tone for Holbrook's analogously strange and wonderful linguistic transgressions and revealing substitutions.