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And over the past almost seven and a half years, in the context of significant global shocks and major changes to the structure of the economy, these challenges have been substantial--although hardly unique to monetary analysis.
Moreover, "network analysis can be used to understand the flow of personal influence by enabling researchers to define what influences whom in a social system" (Valente, 1995, p.
Inspections use gradient analysis to process inspections.
Laboratory analysis plays an important role in analyzing used fabrics," added Kufferath's Niessen.
With STAR-CCM+, it's like having [a big, expensive workstation] under my desk and I was doing the CFD analysis right here," explains Bill Clark, CD adapco's director of Engineering Software Business in Plymouth, MI.
Many companies are designing their parts in 3D CAD, and we are looking for a corresponding jump in the use of 3D for simulation and analysis.
Applied behavior analysis has been implemented in various areas of learning, including language acquisition, self-help skills, vocational skills, and daily living skills (Grindle, & Remington, 2002; Snell, 1978).
This study stands as a practitioner's guide that attempts to shed light on two elements of statement analysis and the usefulness of SAFE-T as a field examination technique.
Spoligologo denotes the application of sequence logo analysis to spoligotype assay data.
To move beyond traditional research methods and into effect analysis, use statistical tools such as analysis of variance, correlation analysis, multiple regression and structural equation modeling (these are described below).
Helmut Meyer, CEO, Prot@gen, a proteomics company, known for its expertise in 2D gels, stated: "Compugen's Z3 image analysis software takes only 10 minutes to provide complete analysis of proteins, compared with the up to two days it takes for rival products.
Since the time it takes to send samples to a commercial lab or use in-house wet/combustion chemical analysis could delay a shipment of castings to the customer, foundries utilize in-house spectrometers to provide analysis before the castings are out of the mold.

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