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Reflects Eugene, friend of Mortimer; buried alive in the back of his chair, behind a shoulder--with a powder-epaulette on it--of the mature young lady, and gloomily resorting to the champagne chalice whenever proffered by the Analytical Chemist.
Here, the Analytical Chemist (who has evidently formed a very low opinion of Mortimer's story) concedes a little claret to the Buffers; who, again mysteriously moved all four at once, screw it slowly into themselves with a peculiar twist of enjoyment, as they cry in chorus, 'Pray go on.
Analytical Chemist goes to the door, confers angrily with unseen tapper, appears to become mollified by descrying reason in the tapping, and goes out.
The Analytical Chemist returning, everybody looks at him.
Mrs Veneering has just succeeded in waking Lady Tippins from a snore, by dexterously shunting a train of plates and dishes at her knuckles across the table; when everybody but Mortimer himself becomes aware that the Analytical Chemist is, in a ghostly manner, offering him a folded paper.
Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry is the essential cross-disciplinary reference work for all analytical chemists in academia and industry.
Under the contract with Florida Power and Light, Analytical Surveys will map nearly 900 square miles of Metropolitan Dade County, Fla.
DataChem Laboratories of Salt Lake City today announced that it has purchased CCI Analytical Laboratories (CCI) of Everett, Wash.
Evolved Nanomaterial Sciences (ENS), a Cambridge-based company that uses patented nanotechnology to revolutionize the chiral drug development process, announced today the release of a new normal phase analytical chiral column that achieves previously unattainable separations for small molecules.
Evans Analytical Group LLC ("EAG") announced today that, effective May 18, 2006, it has acquired the operating assets and Detector software of Thin Film Analysis, Inc.
Glovia International, a subsidiary of Fujitsu and a leading provider of extended ERP solutions for engineer-to-order and high volume manufacturers, announced today that AC Analytical Controls has selected Glovia's extended ERP solution, glovia.
SSI), one of the leading developers of analytical instrumentation in the U.

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