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ANATHEMA, eccl. law. A punishment by which a person is separate from, the body of the church, and forbidden all intercourse with the faithful: it differs from excommunication, which simply forbids the person excommunicated, from going into the church and communicating with the faithful. Gal. 1. 8, 9.

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Traditional teaching habits and routines, even if they are good ones, are now anathema.
While religion used to be anathema to Hollywood, the recent mega-success of ``The Passion of the Christ'' reportedly has every studio in town trying to tap into the newly discovered devout audience.
Camp's views illustrate what happens when religion is removed: then only his views on contraception and pornography and similar issues deserve consideration; the others are declared anathema.
REMAKES: Given how thoroughly NBC botched its adaptation of the British series ``Coupling,'' you'd assume that such efforts would be anathema this season.
That's anathema to most hitting philosophies, but as Olympic coach Mike Candrea said: ``Crystl has done some things in this game that you're not supposed to be able to do.
I hold Schwarzenegger's position on abortion as anathema.
A trip to the injured list would be anathema to a man who has prided himself as an ironman for nearly two decades, who has never before felt physically vulnerable.
I know any tax is anathema to a conservative, but this idea is ridiculous.