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ANATHEMA, eccl. law. A punishment by which a person is separate from, the body of the church, and forbidden all intercourse with the faithful: it differs from excommunication, which simply forbids the person excommunicated, from going into the church and communicating with the faithful. Gal. 1. 8, 9.

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LIVERPOOL band Anathema have released 10 albums and toured across the world more times than they can remember over the last quarter century.
The exposure to the public only excites their perverse appetite and does nothing to cure this damnable anathema.
LAST week's winner is Morag Anderson from Langholm, Dumfriesshire YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Non-stop 9 Exile 10 Rotor 11 Elastic 12 Vie 13 Insignia 16 Fast food 17 Per 19 Nest egg 21 Rhino 22 Brave 23 Nastier DOWN: 1 Engrave 2 Anathema 3 Star 4 Deranged 5 Kilt 6 React 8 Piers Morgan 13 In the red 14 Implicit 15 Armoury 18 Knobs 20 Stab 21 Rasp QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Penultimate 8 Cox 9 Rap 11 Aladdin 12 Swirl 13 Tom 14 One 15 Memoirs 17 Raw 19 Knot 21 Else 23 Asia 25 Flea 27 Nag 29 Bizarre 31 Lit 34 Bra 36 Cruel 37 Protein 38 Hit 39 Apt 40 Subordinate DOWN: 1 Polo 2 Exam 3 Undress 4 Tannoy 5 Miser 6 Trio 7 Earn 8 Cater 10 Pleat 16 Ski 18 Wee 20 Nan 22 Lab 24 Sirloin 25 Filch 26 Warped 28 Grant 30 Igloo 32 Iris 33 Tutu 34 Beat 35 Ripe
Now, I know contemplation of Mr Blair is anathema to many people, but it was the lonely and rather forlorn figure of the former Prime Minister at the service that several people have raised with me.
But the spare bedroom, which used to be so convenient if relatives or friends ever came to visit for a while, is anathema to Ian.
Once anathema to her party members for her feudal arrogance and factional ways, she has of late made it a point to keep all party leaders in the loop with her decisions and initiatives.
But complex character creation and microtransaction-heavy progression (apart from the most basic kit, everything must be bought) will be anathema to COD kids.
The unusual word count of one-hundred seems okay, yet his first constraint rules out anadiplosis or epanalepsis: every anaphora is anathema.
It seems that it is easiest in Macedonia to thrown an anathema on a different opinion as if this is the main reason for the political defeats, the weakening of the front, confusion of voters.
ANATHEMA WEATHER SYSTEMS FOR their latest release, Liverpudlian rockers Anathema have continued along the path they set upon with their We're Here Because We're Here album.
Wood also criticised the Baby Einstein range of educational children's toys, saying: "The idea that there is only one way for a child to be intellectually developed is anathema to me.
Mesha'al said the notion of an exclusive Jewish nation was anathema to the Palestinians because it means giving up what he described as the right of six million Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland in what is now Israel.